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TheGoodSplash Hydrogen Peroxide 20L

$94.95 inc. GST.

Hydrogen peroxide oxidizes organic contaminants in swimming pools to clean and refresh water.

Weekly dose guide

500mL per 10,000L of water.



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TheGoodSplash Hydrogen peroxide oxidizes contaminants in swimming pools to refresh water.

TheGoodSplash Hydrogen Peroxide is ideal for all sized swimming pools.  Hydrogen peroxide is an eco friendly.

Hydrogen Peroxide rejuvenates water with its’ oxidizing action, all without leaving a residue or odour.

Hydrogen Peroxide will not discolour hair or swimming attire.  It’s excellent for asthma and allergy sufferers plus gentle on sensitive skin and eyes.

TheGoodSplash Hydrogen Peroxide has a minimal impact on water pH which helps to maintain a balanced pool, preventing damage to pool surfaces, equipment and surroundings and it’s environmentally friendly.

TheGoodSplash Peroxide must be used in conjunction with Bio-Blu Sanitiser.

For optimum results maintain a pH level of 7.6

Weekly dose guide

500mL per 10,000L of water.

Product specification: Hydrogen Peroxide 500g/L (H2O2, 50%).

IMPORTANT NOTE  This product is Classified Dangerous Goods.  TheGoodSplash complies with The DG (Storage & Handling) Regulations.

The transport company that we use also complies with the Australian Code of practice for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road & Rail (ADG Code)



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