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How to treat your swimming pool with Bio-Blu

Control  Bacteria & Algae with Bio-Blu

Bio Blu kills bacteria and algae in swimming pool water promoting a safe and healthy environment.  Bio-Blu must be used weekly in conjunction with Hydrogen Peroxide.

Weekly Dose 600mL per 10,000L

Refresh and Protect with TheGoodSplash Hydrogen Peroxide

TheGoodSplash Hydrogen Peroxide oxidizes organic contaminants in swimming pools to cleanse and refresh water.  Use Hydrogen Peroxide in conjunction with Bio-Blu weekly.

Weekly Dose 500mL per 10,000L

Hydrogen Peroxide will be available again soon.  Currently under application for registration with the APVMA.  Thank you.

How to Switch

Converting your pool to the Bio-Blu system.

1. Check your filtration equipment to ensure your system is working efficiently.

For media filters, the media has a life span of 3 -5 years. An indication that it may be time to change the media is a persistent cloudy pool. If you replace the media, ensure that the filter is backwashed according to the manufacturer’s directions before using the filter setting. For existing media, top up the pool water level then backwash the filter until the water runs clear.

For cartridge filters, the internal filters have a life span of 1 -2 seasons. An inspection to determine the condition of the filters may be necessary. The filters require a hose off every 4 – 6 weeks. Replace or clean filters in preparation for your new product.

2. An existing salt cell or chlorinator will need to be removed or bypassed.

This is a relatively simple an inexpensive job for your local pool professional or plumber.

Our system requires a standard filtration set up.

An automatic timer for your filter is highly recommended. This will allow you to set the filter switch on during off peak hours.

Automatic timers range in price from $24 upwards to suit any budget.

3. Test water for both pH and chlorine levels.

The pH level needs to between 7.2 and 7.6, adjust if necessary.

The chlorine level needs to be nil before using your new products.

Your local pool shop may provide free water testing. Chlorine remover can be used to neutralise chlorine in water. If you prefer to avoid using additional chemicals, the chlorine level will naturally deplete over a few days. In this case check water for chlorine using test strips each day until chlorine level is nil.

4. You are now ready to use the Bio-Blu system.

Switch the filter on.

Dose according to the volume of your pool. If you are unsure of your pool volume, calculate using your pool dimensions and our pool volume calculator.

Measure the correct amount for each product using a measuring jug. Always read the safety directions before using your products.

First add TheGoodSplash Peroxide directly to pool water. Then add Bio-Blu.

Your product will disperse throughout the pool rapidly if you pour the product near a return valve in your pool.

Run your filter for at least 8 hours then backwash briefly after adding the products for first time.

Pool Volume Calculator

Pool Shape round or oval square or rectangular
Length metres
Width metres
Average Depth metres
Result litres

Convert your pool to TheGoodSplash system.

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