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Bio-Blu – beautiful spa care


Bio-Blu Treatment for Spas

1. Protect

Bio-Blu Sanitiser

Sanitiser controls bacteria and algae in spas for up to one week, promoting a safe and healthy environment.  Bio-Blu must be used in conjunction with TheGoodSplash Hydrogen Peroxide

Bio-Blu is available in 500mL & 1L

2. Refresh

TheGoodSplash Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide kills algae & bacteria with it’s powerful oxidising action.

TheGoodSplash Hydrogen Peroxide is available in 10L or 20L

How to convert your spa to Bio-Blu Spa Care

1. Discontinue dosing your spa with all previous products and top up your water level.

You will need:

Bio-Blu Sanitiser, available in 500mL or 1L.

Dose 6mL per 1,000L

TheGoodSplash Hydrogen Peroxide or equivalent APVMA approved non chlorine oxidiser.

Dose 50mL per 1,000L

Water pH test.

You may require:

Chlorine test if spa has previously been chlorine or salt treated.

pH adjuster.

2. An inspection to determine the condition of the filtration system is advisable.

The filter cartridges have a life span of 1-2 seasons and require a hose off every 1-4 weeks depending on use.

Replace or clean filter cartridges in preparation for your new products.  Clean the spa waterline with a soft cloth.  To assist with removal of stubborn residue, bi carb soda may be used as a cleaning agent.

3. Test water for both pH and chlorine levels.

The pH level needs to between 7.2 and 7.6, adjust if necessary.

The chlorine level needs to be nil before using Bio-Blu.

Your local pool shop may provide free water testing. Chlorine remover can be used to neutralise chlorine in water. If you prefer to avoid using additional chemicals, the chlorine level will naturally deplete over a few days. In this case check water for chlorine using test strips each day until chlorine level is nil.

4. You are now ready to use Bio-Blu Spa Care.

Always read the safety directions before using products.

Ensure spa pump is turned off

Dose spa with TheGoodSplash Hydrogen Peroxide at the rate of 50mL per 1,000L then

Add Bio-Blu Sanitiser at the rate of 6mL per 1,000L

Wait 15 minutes before switching the pump on.  Run your filter for at least 2 hours then remove any material from the water surface.  Check the water pH the following day to ensure the level is between 7.2 & 7.6, adjust if necessary.


How to maintain your spa

Keep your water level topped up.

Always dose your spa weekly with the recommended dosage of Bio-Blu and TheGoodSplash Hydrogen Peroxide.

It is ideal to remove and hose off filter catridges weekly.  For dirty cartridges, soak overnight in a mild chlorine & bleach solution.  Rince thoroughly with fresh water before use.  Tip – avoid spa down time with a spare set of filter catridges and alternate between washes.

Check the water pH from time to time to ensure the level remains between 7.2 & 7.6

Clean the spa waterline with a soft cloth.

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