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TheGoodSplash pool test pilots tell “why we love our chlorine & salt free pool”

Cheeky Ben age 7 says “I love that sometimes I can skip a bath in summer and have a swim in our pool instead, even my hair smells clean“….Thank’s Ben, what about your teeth.  Do you still need to brush???

TheGoodSplash pool water treatment products are residue and odour free, fantastic for sensitive skin and eyes plus you don’t finish up smelling of chemical.

Ashleigh age 9 says  “I spend most of the time in the pool swimming under the water and it still doesn’t sting my eyes.  I like feeling fresh after I have a swim

Scarlett age 11 says “Our pool is the best, the water is perfect.  I wish our local olympic pool was treated with TheGoodSplash products because I don’t like smelling like chlorine

TheGoodSplash system is registered for residential pools.  TheGoodSplash products have been treating swimming pools and spas Australia wide for over 20 years.

William age 12 says “We are very lucky kids because we have grown up swimming in TheGoodSplash test pool.  I learnt to swim when I was 15 months old and I have been swimming ever since.  We have the best pool ever!”

It’s easy to convert your swimming pool to TheGoodSplash system and enjoy the benefits. Find out here Pool.


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