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TheGoodSplash by bio-blu

Home of the original Bio-Blu, Eco friendly swimming pool & spa water treatment

chlorine & salt free chemical treatment

Pool & Spa Care Made Simple

Enjoy sparkling clean, fresh, water when you maintain your swimming pool and spa with the Bio-Blu eco friendly system

Bio Blu established in 1996

Our premier products eliminate the nasties in swimming pools and spas. 

The result is beautiful, fresh, hygienic water without odour or residue.

The Bio-Blu eco friendly system is a true alternative to Chlorine and Salt products and it works with your existing filtration system.

Now that’s refreshing!

What makes the Bio-Blu system so great?

It’s environmentally friendly & hypo-allergenic.  Water is soft and is kind to hair & skin.

Takes place of all chlorine chemicals including salt chlorination.

Treated water is odour & residue free.  Harmless to pool equipment

No worries about the possible harmful health effects of commonly used chemicals.

Hydrogen Peroxide uses an oxidizing action to refresh water.  ♥ No need for any devices eg. ionisers, ozone generators, or salt cells.

Bio-Blu is registered with the Australian APVMA as a swimming pool & spa water sanitiser & treatment which ensures a safe and quality formula.

Costs less than using chlorine or salt chlorinator systems.  Virtually no set-up costs.

If it’s time to replace your salt cell it’s a great time to switch to TheGoodSplash System, saving you hundreds of dollars!

TheGoodSplash is Aussie owned & operated.

Feel confident knowing our products have been sold Australia wide for over 20 years.

 We love supporting Australian business using locally made and recyclable packaging.

Our Story

The Bio-Blu swimming pool and spa treatment system was developed in the Hunter Valley by Colin Whiteford and registered in Australia with the APVMA in 1996.  The pioneering formula has been tried and tested by pool and spa owners for over 20 years and it’s still the bestselling alternative to chlorine and salt in today’s market.   Bio-Blu has recently had a fresh rebranding with the exciting launch of TheGoodSplash in 2015.  Managing Director of TheGoodSplash, Shelley Vetter worked in her father’s budding business as a teenager, now 21 years on and every bit as passionate about fresh and healthy swimming pools and spas, Shelley will ensure the continuation of the very same quality products and service which our loyal clients are accustomed to. 


I have been using Bio-Blu in a spa for at least six years.  I am amazed at how easy it is to keep beautiful, clear and clean water with the correct pH after initially adjusting our slightly acidic water here at Tea Gardens when filling the spa at the end of each winter.

Our family members appreciate that we do not have a chlorine system.

Jim Thatcher – Tea Gardens, New South Wales

We have been using these products for years. The water quality is so good that there’s no chemical odour, skin irritation or residue. No real need to shower after a dip/soak.

The price is right also. Thank you!

Helen & Jeremy Vallani – Chiropractors, Newcastle, New South Wales

I am very happy that I came across The Good Splash and their products.  The water is much nicer and easier to maintain compared to traditional chlorine/bromine systems.
I use it for my Vortex Swim Spa on a regular basis and it also more cost effective.  Shelley provides excellent customer service and responds to all questions.  Thank you !!!

Matt Kotkowski – Springfield Lakes, Queensland



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